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Visit the Cévennes

The Cévennes region is an invitation to discover, relax and immerse yourself in unspoilt nature. Surrounded by lush vegetation, our campsite is the ideal starting point for exploring the hidden treasures of the Cévennes.

Cultural visits in the Cévennes

The Cévennes, an area steeped in history and culture, offers a multitude of unique cultural experiences. Close to Les Sources campsite are two of the region’s most captivating cultural destinations:

Just 2 hours 30 minutes from the campsite, the Grotte de Trabuc is an exceptional natural site. This cave, the largest in the Cévennes, invites you to take a journey through time. Its rock formations, including stalactites and stalagmites, create a fascinating subterranean landscape. You can explore the rooms and galleries of the cave, where nature has sculpted geological wonders over the millennia. Highlights include the 100,000 Soldiers Room, where small concretions resemble an army of stone figures, and the sound and light show that highlights the majesty of these formations.

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The Musée du Désert in Mialet is dedicated to the history of the Camisards and Huguenot resistance in the Cévennes. It offers a poignant look at the struggle of Cevennes Protestants against religious oppression in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Through captivating exhibits, period documents, everyday objects and works of art, the museum tells the story of these resistance fighters and their quest for freedom of worship.

The Musée du Désert is also a place of remembrance, housed in the birthplace of Camisard leader Rolland. It works to raise visitors’ awareness of the importance of tolerance and freedom of belief.

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Year-round events and festivities

The Cévennes vibrate to the rhythm of various cultural and festive events :

  • April/May: the Hiking Festival attracts walkers from all horizons. The “Le Boulegan” music festival celebrates the traditional sounds of the region. Speed enthusiasts can take part in the Automobile Hill Climb. And for gourmets, the Fig Festival in Vézénobres is a must.
  • June/July/August: Summer is marked by the great Saint-Jean-du-Gard village festival, the Féria d’Alès and Nîmes, the Manade competition, and the Fête Médiévale in Sommières, which transports visitors back to a bygone era.
  • September: the gathering at the Musée du Désert in Mialet is a highlight, as are the Fête de l’arbre, du fruit and the fête de la truffe in Uzès.
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The most beautiful cities to visit

In the heart of a region rich in history and culture, Les Sources campsite is the ideal base from which to explore the wonders of southern France.

The Camargue will seduce you with its wild expanses, Provence with its lavender fields, and the Tarn and Ardèche with their impressive gorges.

Nîmes is famous for its impressive Roman monuments such as the Arena and Maison Carrée. This historic city offers a fascinating journey back in time. Just a few kilometers away, discover Anduze. This charming little town is famous for its pottery and the steam train that winds through the picturesque Cévennes countryside.

A dynamic town, Ales offers a variety of cultural activities and beautiful gardens. It’s a must-see for history and nature lovers.

More typical, Les Baux de Provence is a medieval village perched on a rocky outcrop, offering breathtaking views of the Alpilles and an immersion in the history of Provence.

Each destination offers a unique experience, combining history, culture and breathtaking natural landscapes. From the Les Sources campsite, these regional treasures are easily accessible for day trips or longer adventures.

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The Saint-Jean-du-Gard market: an explosion of flavours

Every week, the Saint-Jean-du-Gard market comes alive, offering a palette of local flavors. Pélardon, a typical goat’s cheese, porcini mushrooms, chestnuts and Cévennes sweet onions are just some of the delicacies on offer. Pair these dishes with a fruity local wine for a complete gastronomic experience.

In conclusion, Camping Les Sources is much more than just a place to stay. It’s a gateway to the priceless riches of the Cévennes.

Visits for a natural moment

Venture onto the Chemin de Stevenson, an iconic hiking trail that follows in the footsteps ofScottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson through the Cévennes. It’s a unique experience for hiking enthusiasts, offering spectacular scenery and the chance to walk in the footsteps of the author of “Voyage avec un âne dans les Cévennes”.

The Camisard trail is another fascinating historical itinerary. It will lead you in the footsteps of the Camisards, the rebellious Protestants of the 17ᵉ century, through villages and landscapes steeped in history. You’ll discover the heritage of this tumultuous era while enjoying a beautiful hike.

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The draille, on the other hand, is an ancient transhumance path used by shepherds to drive their flocks between summer and winter pastures. Following the draille will allow you to immerse yourself in the traditional pastoral life of the Cévennes, admiring mountain panoramas and discovering local traditions.

Finally, the Chemin d’Urbain V invites you to explore the region’s religious heritage. Urban V, a native of the Cevennes, was elected pope in the 14ᵉ century.

Along the way, you can visit historical and religious sites linked to his life, as well as churches and monuments that bear witness to the importance of faith in this region.

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