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Things to do
in the Cévennes

The Cévennes offer a wide range of activities for everyone. From exploring mysterious caves like the Bramabiau abyss to taking in breathtaking panoramas from the Mont Aigoual observatory, every day is a new adventure. The Tarn gorges, with their crystal-clear waters, are a must for nature lovers.

Activities to do with your children

Families will love the Cévennes.

The Cevennes Steam Train offers a memorable experience set against a backdrop of superb scenery.

The Bamboo Grove at Anduze, with its exotic species, is a place of wonder for children.

For a fun-filled day, the Vallon du Villaret combines art, games and nature, ensuring hours of entertainment.

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Field day

The Cévennes are a veritable playground for sports enthusiasts. Cliffs and gorges offer the chance to try via ferrata, while tumultuous rivers are ideal for rafting or canyoning. For an adrenalin rush, bungee jump ing over the Tarn gorges is an experience not to be missed. The hiking trails, meanwhile, offer challenges for all levels, from leisurely strolls to demanding treks.

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Nature activities in the Cévennes

Many nature activities are easily accessible from our campsite in the Cévennes.

Cycling enthusiasts can explore the mountain bike trails, while horse-riding enthusiasts will find numerous bridle paths.

The orienteering courses are perfect for those who want to combine hiking and play.

A journey through history!

The Stevenson trail

The GR70, also known as the Stevenson Trail, is a historic path that retraces the journey of writer Robert Louis Stevenson. On September 22, 1878, accompanied by his donkey Modestine, he set off from Le Monastier-sur-Gazeille and reached Saint-Jean-du-Gard in twelve days. During his journey, he recorded his experiences and encounters, which would have significant value over a century and a half later.

On this hike, you can also relive historic events such as the Camisard War and the legends of the Beast of Gévaudan. You can choose to walk the entire route or just one of the 2 sections: from Le Puy-en-Velay to Chasseradès or from Chasseradès.

To be totally faithful to Stevenson’s route, leave on September 22, equip yourself with a lanterna, a revolver and period accessories and follow in his footsteps, completing the entire hike.

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The river near the campsite

The rivers of the Cévennes are oases of coolness during the summer months. They offer ideal spots for swimming, picnicking or simply relaxing.

Easy access for a day at the water’s edge. We can’t resist the idea of diving into the translucent water and enjoying the waterfalls. A real pleasure!

Whether you want to canoe, fish or simply bask in the sun, the rivers of the Cévennes are the ideal place to do so.

Urban V, the Draille and the Chemin des Camisards

Le Chemin Urbain V, discover a hike based on the life of Pope Urban V, Guillaume Grimoard. Explore places steeped in history, spirituality and natural riches. It passes through five UNESCO World Heritage sites, including regions such as Aubrac, Causses, Mont Lozère, Gorges du Tarn, Cévennes and Garrigues, before ending in the Rhône valley.

Used by cattle breeders, the draille is a transhumance path used by flocks, particularly sheep, on their seasonal migration between the plains and the mountains. This term, with its Occitan origins, underlines its importance in pastoral culture and agriculture.

Camisard paths in the Cévennes plunge you into thehistory of the Camisards and Huguenots. This route is an opportunity to discover the traditions and history of the Cévennes, while enjoying exceptional natural scenery. Discover the 5 Camisards hikes.

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